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Sunny Side Up - A Saturday Centus


Jenny Matlock

Hello and a hearty welcome to my fellow bloggers, poets and fans of the written word!  This is my contribution, albeit a little late, to week 65 of Jenny Matlock's wildly fun and entertaining writing meme called Saturday Centus.  

From her blog, off on my tangent, Jenny posts a prompt every Saturday that we Centusians use to write very short 100-word stories or poems.  Then we link them back to Jenny's blog post so that we can all share with each other the diverse directions we went with the prompt!  It's a lot of fun and something I look forward to each week.  If you haven't tried it yet, what's stopping you!

This week our illustrious teacher has decided to challenge us once again by offering up this photo in lieu of a written prompt from which to base our stories.  As much of the country is sweltering in triple digit temperatures lately, (well except for us in California where the weather is nearly always perfect) the image of an egg frying on a sidewalk is symbolic of the abject misery so many are being forced to endure.

Poetry has never been my bailiwick, though I do enjoy reading it and the brilliant imagery it holds.  There are some exceptionally talented poets that contribute to this meme whom you will no doubt quite enjoy reading if you are so inclined. Stepping out of my comfort zone again this week I have written a silly rhyming verse that I hope you will enjoy.  It is a continuation of sorts of a well-known English nursery rhyme.  I have entitled this week's effort:

Sunny Side Up

Trumpets blared a sad refrain

Heard throughout the land

To quickly spread the awful news

Of the tragedy at hand.

Though they tried to save him

Their efforts proved in vain.

His injuries were too severe

For him to live again.

“Humpty Dumpty will be missed,”

Declared the parish priest.

“But no memory will be more tightly held,

Than this fabulous funereal feast.”

The sun’s blistering heat

Had turned the sidewalk to a grill.

Watching their friend fry like that

Gave some an eerie chill.

“A toast to our fallen friend,

As an egg he couldn’t be beat.

So beloved was he during his life,

And now as a breakfast treat.”

Jenny Matlock

He who throws dirt loses ground.


  1. (adding to Ms. A)

    Bravo, bravo!


  2. Awww, Tom. Such a fitting salute to our dear Humpty!


  3. I'll never eat eggs again! Blaaaech!

    Just kiddin' :)

    Very creative poem for one who thinks it's not his baliwick~~Ames

  4. hahahaha. and you said your poetry wasn't a strong suit. I beg to differ

  5. That is so funny....I was actually thinking about Humpty Dumpty just before reading your post...and there he was!!! Really enjoyed the twist!

  6. Clapping wildly as well!!! I think a standing Ovation is in order!

  7. Brilliant! Humpty Dumpty would be honoured:-)

  8. Fabulous....I can visualise the whole scenario in my mind....great take not just on the prompt but on the rhyme.

  9. Brilliant job Tom !

    Never again doubt your rhyme/poetry talents...this was a joy to read and answered a childhood question about what happened after H.D. fell and couldn't be put together again !

  10. Absolutely cool, as always...lets hope my comment works this time...blogger and I have been having worse than fried egg or sunny side down more to the point! Have a great week!

  11. Spectacular Tom!! and you are not a poet...hmmm...right...Peace and blessings

  12. Very nice tribute to Humpty, Tom. I never understood why all the kings horses and men tried so hard to put him back together. He's best off enjoyed for b-fast.

  13. I beg to differ-you are a poet. That was so much fun. Well done. laurie

  14. Haha Yes! This is the humpty dumpty story I wish I had heard. A very cheery but underlying morbid/cannibalistic story.

  15. Excellent! You must have a go at poetry again - really fab!

  16. Extraordinary! Now why didn't I think of Humpty Dumpty? Always too serious am I, and I fear this week with sunshine will be no different!

  17. Okay, Tom. This is just wrong.

    Satire, humor, fiction, political essay and NOW POETRY!!!!!


    Share a little talent with the rest of us, buddy.

    Loved this.

    Totally loved this!

  18. Well done, Tom! (No pun intended!)
    No. I mean it. You wrote a delightful take on Humpty Dumpty. Very clever and fun.

    Sorry, I am so late with my comments. I am still working on moving. Almost finished.

    Best wishes,
    'John Tell, expert on tourism' Anna's SC wk 65

  19. Big grin on my face! You are the multi-talented one. Very fun.


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