Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Advent of Tom 2.0

There comes a time in everyone’s life…


That’s not right.  I don’t presume to speak for everyone. 

Outside of an occasional metaphorical wrench thrown their way, for many people their lives are an agreeable experience from start to finish.

However, for a myriad of reasons many of us find ourselves living lives where happiness is an infrequent visitor at best.  So, we put on a happy face and boldly try to push through the pain, the anxiety, the sadness and whatever else is trying to hold us back from living a more fulfilling life.  Some lower their expectations of what a happy life would be like to make it appear more attainable.

Such is my life.

For a very long time I have been caught up in this cycle where being “just okay” has become my standard of happiness.  But it is an absent and unfulfilled type of happiness; just an empty shell of what could be.

Until today.   
The time in MY life has come where I have decided to reach out and press the pause button on the hamster wheel of life.

Call it an epiphany, or just someone too fed up to go another day trapped in the same lackluster routine, but I made the decision to reinvent myself today.  To take a step back, evaluate what works and what needs immediate change, and then embark on that journey now instead of later. 

To create Tom 2.0.

I invite you to follow along and look forward to reading any advice, thoughts and suggestions you might have for me.

Let the games begin!

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