Saturday, July 23, 2011

Not In This Lifetime, A Saturday Centus


Jenny Matlock

This is the 64th week of Saturday Centus, a fun and challenging literary meme hosted by Jenny Matlock at her blog off on my tangent.

Most weeks  Ms. Jenny holds us to just 100 words plus the supplied prompt with which to craft our little stories and poems.  

This week, however, the heat has apparently gotten to her, the poor dear. She's shaken things up in Centusland by allowing us a mere 15 words in addition to the prompt.  

Don't worry Jenny.  Help is on the way.  Step away from the light!  Medical personnel are right now rushing to your aid with a pitcher of Margaritas! Get well soon!

This week's prompt is "Before I die I want to...."  and was inspired by this building in New Orleans.

My epic 21-word submission this week is entitled:

Not In This Lifetime

Before I die I want to

Write a bestseller,

Win the lottery

And have a sane government.

Hey, I can dream!

Jenny Matlock

It's a great pity the right of free speech isn't 
based on the obligation to say something sensible.



  1. I'm with you on that bucket list!

  2. I could see two out of three happening but you would need a miracle for the last one lol. Good list.

  3. Oh yes you surely may, dreams can so often come true!

  4. Hey Tom, I'm back this week! So glad to be around for this fun. Remember the 67 Red Sox and Boston's "impossible dream?" It finally came true in 1984. Why shouldn't yours?

    Where did you grab that quote at the bottom of your post? Is it yours? Sounds like someone from the 30s, 40s, or 50s. Mark Twain came to mind, so did several US presidents from that era.

  5. That is some dream! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. i want to win the lottery too you can have the other ones

  7. Dream worthy material, Tom, and great use of our limited words.
    Be well.

  8. And I know if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest,
    That my heart will lie will lie peaceful and calm,
    when I'm laid to my rest ...

  9. I hope you get to dl all of that!

  10. That should've said 'do' all of that lol

  11. I'm with ya!


    PS. Fat chance, eh?

  12. Dear Tom,
    You are only the second participant who has written that they wish that they would get their book published before they die. I actually started writing this, but threw it into the circular file when I could not get it to rhyme.
    I am sure that there are more wannabe-writers out there hoping to do it.
    I'm with you.
    And this is something that is doable. You could get something published. It is actually more possible that getting a sane government or peace on earth.
    Best wishes,

    'Before I die...'-Anna's SC wk 64

  13. Oh. You said bestseller. Hmmmmm.

  14. Two out of three could happen. :)

    Great job

  15. i think you are going to win that lottery long before you have a sane government! they are all a bit crazy no matter who is in charge!

  16. well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad! Good to "see" you again!

  17. You actually could win the lottery and write a best-seller; but a sane government? Really?
    I'll just root you on in the quest for the other two! As always, well written.


  18. Good one Tom !

    Hope springs have to play to win and even when you vote, disappointment is right around the corner. The government is sane, they just spend too much on everything and blame it on the other guy to get re-elected.THAT is the insane part !

  19. Pretty darn close to my own desires!~Ames

  20. Great dreaming. Very similar to some of my dreams. I love your cure for Jenny! laurie

  21. Yes my friend dream on as we all go down the drain. Nice one.


  22. Wasn't it Martin Luther King Jr who said..."I have a dream"...Our dreams are not as grandiose but suit us just as fine.
    A well done centus.

  23. I could definitely do justice to pitcher of 'ritas for sure...right about now.

    The first item on your's within your reach already. Oh, to find the time. A chapter every two weeks perhaps, Tom. You know I am a fan and believe so much in your writing.

    The middle one, you're on your own...gotta buy a ticket, though.

    And the last one.


    Thanks for the gut-busting laugh!

  24. Haha work on them in that order. To write a best seller though, you have to write! I'm awaiting the transcript of a book of memoirs from you. I lost hope on Gma's book when she told me she couldn't find the detailed instructions I wrote for her starting with how to turn on the computer.

    Once you accomplish #1 you won't need #2, and then you can just distract yourself with your money so you don't notice #3 never happens.


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