Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trouble In Paradise, A Saturday Centus


Jenny Matlock

Welcome to my contribution to week 63 of Saturday Centus.  Our wonderful host for this fun meme, Jenny Matlock from her blog off on my tangent, has decided to do a little shake-up this week.  Instead of the usual 100 word limit, we are to use only 25 words this week plus the prompt which is "I'm not getting any younger."

As if 100 words wasn't hard enough!  Thanks Jenny for a fun prompt and for challenging our creativity once again!  Here is my teeny-tiny effort for this week.  I have entitled it:

Trouble In Paradise


I spend hours getting pretty for you, but you don’t care.

I’m not getting any younger, Charlie.”
“Or thinner!”

"I'll kill you."

 "Just get me a beer first."

Jenny Matlock

The four most important words in any marriage...I'll do the dishes. 

- Anonymous.



  1. Get your own damn beer, you clout!! Hahaha!! Good one, Tom!!

  2. Did you have a glass to the wall??? I think I've lived this:@)

  3. Ohhhh....I'd have told you where you could put that beer! lol

  4. uh huh. Spoken like a few men I know. Oh wait, you are a man. My bad. :)

    I thought you did a great job. I just like to give you a bad time.

  5. Chuck best be careful when he sips that beer. This was another fun and realistic piece, Tom.

  6. How cruel! Typical of a bloke! ;) Brilliant piece!

  7. and why is she still there? Well done and clever Tom ;-) I'm always saying I'll do the to just do them at the first available opportunity...words are cheap...Peace and blessings

  8. What Judie said. And, and, well, she said it for me!


  9. Agree with Jeff, wonder why she's still around him :) She should have moved out long ago maybe :)

    My Centus ~ Break Free

  10. How do you manage to get so much done with just 25 words? I feel like I know these two!


  11. Ah...a genius of a piece. maybe can break the beer bottle on his head as she leaves....just saying.

  12. Since we are so many women participating in this challenge it is refreshing that you are aboard, Tom.
    (But I agree with Judie. Get your own beer!)

    Great little text!
    Best wishes,
    Books are heavy-Anna's SC wk 63

  13. the cheak of it all lol ... love how you managed to spark a bit of a womanly debate here in comments with your story haha

    My Centus

  14. Ha!

    Tom, this was great! How did you manage to do that in only 25 words?

    You ticked me off at the jerk in just a few words!


  15. Excellent !

    OMGosh Tom...somehow I laughed out loud, then I was furious with that guy...if it were me, he'd have beer poured all over him. I love it when you do 'man cave' writings but I hope it's only fiction !


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