Friday, August 12, 2011

Beach Blanket Melanoma, A Saturday Centus


Jenny Matlock

This post is for Week 66 of Saturday Centus...yes, that's right, last Saturday's Centus.  I'm a bit slow.

Part of the problem though was that Jenny Matlock from her blog "off on my tangent," the hostess and leader of this ragtag bunch of literary rebels, the Centusians, gave us another sun-inspired prompt this week.  The week before was a picture of an egg frying on a sidewalk.

(Obsess much?)

Anyway, being from California, when I think of sunshine I naturally think of the beach, sand, waves, beach balls and, oh yeah, sexy hot bikini beach babes.  So when it came time to choose a pic of a beach ball or a particularly gnarly wave to go with my story (because Jenny allowed us to have one this week, God bless her heart) I was torn as to which to choose.  That's when it hit me to use a photo of a sexy hot bikini beach babe instead.

Yeah, I know.  I was inspired.

Well, apparently there are a lot of good photos online of sexy hot bikini beach babes.  Who knew?

In fact I discovered that to see all of them would take almost a week, allowing for occasional sleep and potty breaks.  But after some extremely extensive research (and using up all my vacation and sick days) I can now present to you the following story based upon the prompt "you are my sunshine" with an accompanying photo.

The one catch this week was that we were only allowed to use a maximum of 50 words plus the 4 prompt words.  Maybe next time we have a sun-related Centus we can do 50 photos with no words.  I have a bunch downloaded and ready to go.  Just saying.

Okay, so this Saturday Half-Centus is entitled "Beach Blanket Melanoma."  I hope you enjoy it.

Remembering a youth spent frolicking in the surf of Malibu, Tawny hummed “you are my sunshine” as sunlight streamed through the window.

The tiny bikinis and bronze skin were just memories for this ex-beach babe.  

“Mrs Campbell, the doctor will see you now.”

Skin cancer, sagging cheeks and deep wrinkles were her life now.

Jenny Matlock

It is just a matter of time before clever, witty people have a quotation attributed to them.  
-- Jenny Matlock



  1. Yeah, that's what happens to us California girls who, in all our vanity, spent hours basking in the sun to try for that perfect tan..Oh crap. Thanks a lot, Tom. =)

    Great post as always.

  2. Grew up on a beach myself, St. Simons Island, GA. We oiled up our bodies and lay in the sun starting in April of every year - during spring break. Thank Goodness I came from a family of non-wrinklers, but I am paranoid whenever I see a new thingy growing on my skin.

    As usual, well done and timely.


  3. Well done, Tom! I'm impressed!

    I am grateful to my mother who instilled caution in us as children, during the summer. Having fair skin, it would have been a disaster if we had baked ourselves in the sun. So far, I don't have any trouble with my skin. We'll see how I look when I am older.

    Great photo. I can see that you have chosen it with great care.

    Best wishes,
    Sanna's Sunshine SC Wk 66

  4. Love the intro and the vintage fits well with your 'reality' theme...well done Tom! Peace and blessings

  5. Very well written Tom and sadly true !

    I almost missed this post, thought I had read every submission last week.As for the picture, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't Annette & Frankie from the Beach Blanket movies. You were saved since the girl on the left is wearing a bikini similar to one Annette wore in the movies.

    Try to recover now from all that research and saving you did for this post LOL !

  6. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have stayed indoors a whole lot more.

  7. Your build-up to the Centus is as good as the Centus itself.


  8. Tom! I love it! And you should have heard how loud I laughed when I saw my quote there! My husband actually came running in. It took me about a minute to stop laughing long enough to show him! You're a nut! I'm glad you're OK. With your crazy schedule I was worried about you!

    You are wickedly funny. I'm sorry you had to subject yourself to all that joy-destroying research! ha!

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