Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Soldier's Letter Home, A Saturday Centus


Jenny Matlock

Hey Centusians and wannabe Centusians, it's Saturday and that means another Saturday Centus!  Yay!

(Sing along!)  

Who's the leader of the meme that's made for you and me, 

J -E-N,   N-Y-M   A-T-L-O-C...and a K!  

(Yeah, I know, that bites...I'll work on it)

Welcome to another rootin-tootin literary love-fest of writers and readers and people who just like to look at the pictures and drool on the keyboard.  

(Ooooh!  Look at the pretty colors!)

This is week 68 of this fun and challenging writing meme hosted by Jenny Matlock at her blog, off on my tangent.  Every Saturday you are invited to stop by Jenny's blog and submit your own story using her supplied prompt.
The rules are that you have to keep it to the specified word count, no pictures, no dirty words and no splitting the prompt. So why not play along?  You have a whole week to link up!

This week our Ms. Jenny is feeling quite generous and is allowing us a whole 150 words plus the prompt for our stories. Usually our word count is 100, but lately they have been 50 or fewer, so this is definitely exciting for us Centusians.  In fact you could say we are "Centusiastic" about this weeks word count!


Well, anyway, this week Jenny has given us a prompt that is sure to inspire some interesting stories, maybe even some funny ones, though I kind of doubt it.  This week's prompt is "If I die young."  I am more than a bit curious about how the other Centusians are going to spin this one this week!  

Click on the button and read all the other submissions this week.  They are a quick read and probably not as depressing as my entry this week which I have entitled: 

                                             A Soldier's Letter Home


This world is a violent place. Whether one is a soldier or a child in the suburbs, there will always be those who wish us harm. Every day can be a last day

My good friend Bill was killed today when his convoy was struck by an IED. He was 25. He left behind a wife and baby daughter.

I tell you this not to scare you, but to share with you my wishes for you and our son Tommy should the worst happen.

If I die young, carry my memory as you would a song in your heart; a love song that reaches through the clouds to touch your soul.

Pass on my hopes and dreams to our son that he may claim them for his own if he wishes.

Finally, never forget how loved you both are and how blessed I am to have such an amazing family.

Love Always,


Jenny Matlock

If ignorance is bliss...then why aren't the Tea Partiers and right-wing extremists happy?



  1. Wonder how many letters like that, have actually been written. My guess would be many.

  2. Tom, I love this take on the prompt. It's a timely reminder of all those who are in harm's way - at home and away. It is also loving and gentle. This paragraph grabbed me:

    "If I die young, carry my memory as you would a song in your heart; a love song that reaches through the clouds to touch your soul.

    Thanks for these wonderful words.


  3. Wow. I can't even express what I am feeling right now. I hate, hate, hate these "wars" we are in. I am sure that letters like these are sitting in mailboxes everywhere.

    Thank you so much for this touching story.

  4. I'm sure you've expressed what's in the heart of many young soldiers over there. Well done.

  5. This really moved me, Tom. You captured a soldier's heart/soul. Very nice!

  6. A poignant letter one written by most who serve in the military ~ it goes with the territory

    It had to be written...

  7. Oh, Tom! You made me cry with this one! Excellent take on the prompt.

    Thanks for your comment on my post. Your post was much more moving and meaningful, however.

  8. yeah, thanks for making my eyes leak all over my keyboard ... damn, now it's mixing with the drool .... that was so poignant ...

  9. Our town buried a brave Navy Seal this week...this is very touching indeed.

    Gems xx

  10. I can truly see a soldier write this letter home to his loved ones. I felt the heart and love of this man Wayne as he shared from the front lines. Well done!

  11. Yes, I wonder too, how many letters are written just like this to loved ones who must wait on tenterhooks every minute of the day.
    Great use of the centus prompt!

  12. Nicely done Sir. Very nice. *smile*

  13. Aww, you are trying to make me cry! :-)

    Nice one.

  14. What a fantastic entry. Sad but full of hope. I wonder how many such letters were sent?

  15. Excellent Tom !

    Letters as touching and heartfelt as this one have been sent from warriors to loved ones since the beginning of the written word...still poignant and timely whenever they are sent or received.

    Ignorance is not bliss and never was !!!

  16. Dazee got me crying at work and you put the cherry on top. Thanks Tom for such a sad but true reality of war and life.
    PS I was with you till I hit "and a K" nice try :)

  17. Oh, I felt his fear and pain. Excellent work! laurie

  18. Wise! Wonderful! Wistfully true!

  19. This touched my many such letters will continue to be written as long as hatred and intolerance exists. Very well written!!

  20. Great job! I like the touch at the end where you signed it Wayne. :)

  21. Thanks for giving me a serious bi-polar swing here.

    The song made me laugh (and gag, slightly)...

    The story made me cry.


    I would write more but I think I need to dig around and see if I have some appropriate medications.



    Tom. You are amazing. And that is from the smidgeon of my brain that is still moderately sane!


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