Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Am I? A Saturday Centus


Jenny Matlock

It’s Saturday at long last!

On Saturdays I always go to Walmart to stock up on necessary provisions - usually a 24-pack.

Then I think intently about mowing the lawn before finding a reason not to (ie. radiation exposure, alien abduction, anything on TV, etc.) and then I take a shower whether I need one or not.

But my favorite Saturday activity is Saturday Centus, a weekly writing meme hosted by the beloved Queen of Centusia herself, Jenny Matlock at her blog, off on my tangent.

This is week 47 of Saturday Centus.  Every week Jenny gives us a prompt to include in a short story or poem with only an additional 100 words.  It’s a quick and fun writing exercise that really gets your creativity fired up.

The only rules are: keep your word count  to 100 words maximum not including the prompt, no vulgarity, no splitting or altering the prompt, and no pictures or illustrations.  It’s a fun challenge and an opportunity for all us Centusians and wannabe writers to practice our skills each week.

This week our dear Jenny has upped the challenge a notch by making this week’s Centus a poetry assignment, the rhyming kind of poetry, more akin to Dr. Seuss than Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  As for our prompt, she has graciously gifted us with the line " I'm not a chicken."    So all of you out there in blogland play along this week!  Stir up your creative juices and get your rhyming on!  This will be a fun one!

Okay, let me just say for the record that poetry and verse is not my bailiwick.  I enjoy reading it, but writing it is WAY out of my comfort zone so please be kind!  Here is my contribution for this week’s Saturday Centus.  I have entitled it:

What Am I?

Twenty Questions was the game,
Who would deduce my animal name?

Friends Jen and Kat and Sue would guess,
But only one would find success.

Was I a lion, a kangaroo or a pig?  No way!
You’ll have to do better to win today.

How about a monkey, a hippo, a zebra or giraffe?
A blue-footed booby?
Now you’re making me laugh.

No, I’m not a chicken, a mouse or even a cow,
A few more guesses is all I’ll allow.

Am I a horse?  Yes, of course!  You win, hooray!
Thanks all for playing, now have a great day!

Jenny Matlock

"And what will you do when you grow up to be as big as me?" asked the father of his little son. 



  1. OMG!!! A timely Saturday post! (No worries - I'm usually late for everything meself.)

    I'm not much into poetry either (writing, not reading - Poe is a fav), but this was clever!

  2. Is there no form of writing that you don't do successfully? Great little ditty, Tom!!

  3. good job. and you said you didn't do rhyme. you are a big liar!!

  4. What a fun poem, Tom. I wouldn't have guessed you're a horse.

  5. Excellent job ! Very original take on the prompt too !!!

  6. For someone who doesn't ordinarily write poems, you turn a nice rhyme, Tom!

    I'm impressed.


  7. Well shoot. I guessed a Liger. Drats! This was the best one yet!~Ames

  8. Quite good...for someone fearful of this genre ;-) I would expect nothing less from one as talented as on with the rhyming...Peace and blessings

  9. Are you sure that you're not a closet poet in addition to being a closet reb? This was really, really good! I do not write poetry, ever, so this week was an even bigger challenge than usual. And yet, I STILL had a problem keeping it to 100 words LOL. Kat

  10. Very well penned and entertaining too. Very clever take on the prompt...

  11. What do you mean you're not good at verse? That was awesome, fun, charming, and thoroughly delightful. I'd send that in to a children's magazine if I were you.

    Good job, Tom.

  12. For a person who says that poetry is not your think, that was very good!

  13. Great poem, Tom! I agree with Jayne - well worth the effort to send it off to a kids magazine.

    Thanks for your comment on my pitiful poem!

    Namaste ..........cj

  14. Yay! I love it. Very seusical in its rhythm and "persistence" haha.

  15. Still making me smile. Glad to see you trying new forms! Nice job.

  16. Oh Tom. Here I set on a stressed out Thursday afternoon reading for smiles...and you totally made me laugh out loud.

    You are such a wonderful writer. I love your imagination!


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