Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unlucky At Cards, A Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock
Ahhhh, it's week 44 of Saturday Centus.  And I finally have something new to contribute.  Yay me!

(High-five!.  Myself!  No friends!)

Yes, I know Satuday was days ago and most of my Centusian brethren have long since written their stories and collected their kudos for reaching deeply into their creative minds and pulling out yet another literary gem.  Not me.  I'm late to the party again.  Academia hath struck once more and pushed my timetable forward to more of a Thursday Centus than a Saturday Centus, but that's okay.

Ms. Jenny Matlock, the fine host of this fun little meme from her blog, off on my tangent, allows us a whole week to come up with something to post here.  Even if it's really rushed and terrible and pales miserably in comparison to the others.  I don't care.  This week is my final exam so I'm guessing I'll be late again.  Oh well.  Jenny doesn't care.  She loves us all the same...even if we are

Jenny's prompt this week is "Everything depended upon this single card."  Here is my 100 word attempt at trying to pull something off at the last minute.  I have entitled it:

Unlucky At Cards

With a lousy job, no money and hair falling out, I knew I needed help, so I sought answers from Madame Zarah.

A beautiful, dark-haired gypsy, I trusted her to tell me the truth.  Shuffling the tarot cards, she placed three face-down before me representing my career, my wealth and my health.

She flipped the first card over.

“The Tower…Is it a promotion?”

“No.  It portends downfall and disaster.”

She flipped again.

“The Wheel of Fortune…I’m rich?”

“No.  Misfortune awaits you.”

The last card…was I doomed?  Everything depended upon this single card.

She flipped again.


“Sorry, Tom.  I’ll miss you.”  

Jenny Matlock

Don't use a big word where a diminutive one will suffice.


  1. Let's hope that Madame Zarah is a charlatan. I would really miss your stories every week :) As always, your posts bring a smile to my face. You are a master at this! Kat

  2. Outstanding, excellent job !

    I almost did a similar centus but decided against it. ( I read them all every week AFTER I have written mine.) Yours is the only one with a gypsy reading cards. All of those cards are dealt to us humans at one time or another, the last one for sure !!!

  3. She doesn't know what she is talking about! She went to some Tarot card reading school and learned that or read it in a book anyway.

    A palm reader once said the little lines below you pinky finger tells how many children you've had. When I looked at my husband's hand he hand two lines and I went hummmm. You've got another child we don't know about?? Just a bunch of hooey.

    I loved this prompt and how you used it! It's amazing all the different directions everyone took it. ~Ames

  4. Nasty!!! Hope I never run into that tarot card reader!

  5. hahahaha. "sorry Tom, I'll miss you". cracked me up.

    Better late than never, as that dumb saying goes. I enjoyed this story alot.

  6. Tough luck. I'll miss you too, Tom. ;-)

  7. Well, Tom,

    I will miss you, too. S-C won't be the same without your brilliant wit!

    Thanks for another good one..........cj

  8. Tom. Oh Tom. You just totally crack me up! I'm not sure if I can continue the meme in your ummm... absence.

    I think I need coffee, because this whole post gave me the giggles.

    And, seriously, is there anything more ludicrous than a fat, frumpy, old woman giggling like a moron?

    I think not.

    Coffee it is.

    This sounds silly but I'm really impressed with the fact that you still participate SC in spite of your academic schedule. Good for you. But mostly, Tom, good for us!


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