Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Public Service Centus

Jenny Matlock

Friends, Centusians, bloggers, lend me your ears!

Again with the short, short story writing?  Seems like only days ago when you were here trying to make sense out of my incoherent ramblings.  But I’m back again to assail your even sensibilities with even more words of stank breath composed with episode 26 of this beloved and creative literary journey known as Saturday Centus.

And whom do we have to thank/blame for this wonderful weekly diversion but that lovely and talented bloggess extraordinaire, Jenny Matlock from her blog, off on my tangent

This week our host has once again thrown us a twist to further challenge our minds by limiting the number of words allowed in our stories from 100 to only 50 words, excluding the prompt of course.

Fifty words, Jenny?  And just how, pray tell, am I supposed to craft a tale that portrays some conceptualized theme such as good against evil, ignorance and intolerance versus civil liberties or corporate greed against humanity?  There’s nary enough words to reveal the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist, let alone any comic overtones.

Suddenly 100 words seem like a limitless canvas on which to pen a story.

As an acknowledged “high verbal” blogger, this did at first seem like a test I was doomed to fail, but remembering the old proverb that ‘brevity is the soul of wit” I decided to give it a go and see what happens. 

I think it’s all too easy to get comfortable with our writing, even with the Saturday Centus, and not stretch ourselves a bit farther by trying something different.  Lucky for us we have an excellent teacher, Ms. Jenny, to help stimulate our creativity and give us that gentle (sometimes) push to excel.  Thank you, Jenny.  You make me want to be a more better writer.   Oops!  I mean a more betterer writer.  (And thank you, Biloxi School of Writin ‘n Stuff!) 

This week’s prompt is:

"Abraham Lincoln was a lot shorter then I thought he would be..."

I hope you like my effort this week.  I wrote it in half the time!  I have entitled it:

A Public Service Centus

“I dreamt that instead of voting I stayed home and played video games. There was a knock at the door.  When I opened it all these former Presidents came in and chewed me out for being an apathetic putz.” 

 “Whoa, dude!  So what do you think now?”

 “I think Abraham Lincoln was a lot shorter then I thought he would be."

 “That’s deep.”

Jenny Matlock

Vote!  Defeat the right-wing nutjobs, 
corporate stooges and "Party of No" obstructionists!



  1. Too funny! Guess you'd better get out and vote Tuesday, or spend the weekend cleaning house, getting ready for your presidetial visitors!

  2. Wow, that IS deep. And you thought you'd have trouble "going there" in only 50 words!

    Seriously, Tom. This is a masterful job, as always!


  3. Old Abe called me today to make sure I was planning on voting on Tuesday. He sounds much taller on the phone.

    Tom, you are just so clever! When I grow up I want to be as clever and entertaining as you are!

  4. Hah! You did a great job. I told Jenny you were going to have a cow, but you rose to the challenge. Guess that gosh durn sheepskin from Biloxi did you some good, huh? Kat

  5. PS - the high verbal comment was meant for me too. I actually swiped that term from my daughter's kindergarten teacher. Sounds so much nicer than "she talks too much"! Kat

  6. very nice ! Lol I would never dream he was shorter cause the thought would never enter my mind .

  7. Excellent, and humorous job, as always!

  8. Hee hee. You did it. I wasn't sure it could be done but you did it!

  9. That was fun, Tom. I can see them chewing you out for not voting. Don't even consider such a thing!


  10. Well, you did it Tom! Hooray! Only 50 words!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC-Shake-up-post Week 26

  11. Ha ha! Absolutely hilarious. I feel so guilty I want to vote - and I'm Canadian.

    Great work. Now don't forget to vote in case it DOES happen after you conjured them up.

  12. Kinda reminds me of that SNL skit. LOL, Loved it Tom. Now make sure you go and vote, so you don't have to have that dream. Although that might be fun too.

  13. Tom Goette for Secretary of Humor! A succint piece deserving of pointed praise. Great!!

  14. LOL Brilliant as always, I loved all of it! :o)

  15. Nice one, thanks for the smiles as always.:-)

    My Saturday Centus

  16. The ghosts of elections past tromping through our homes should spur on even the most reluctant of voters. Vote dammit vote!

  17. I'm beginning to think that playing video games would be far more intellectually stimulating than the barrage of political ads I've been watching on television!

  18. Tom. I totally love you! And not because you gargle with scotch.

    You are totally every aspect of your writing.

    I'm writing my comment in the half the time, too, so I'm signing off with a ...

    Awesome Link!

    PS. The totally loving you thing...yea...I hope you took in that in the right context. No need to hide your pet rabbit from me...whatsoever.

  19. Just like a bad penny...I'M BAAACCCKKK!

    "Vote! Defeat the right-wing nutjobs, corporate stooges and "Party of No" obstructionists!" Love it! I am gonna try my best to defeat them, but have a sinking feeling that the morons have fooled the weak and uneducated yet again!


  20. Your posts are always fun, Tom. Great job. It's a bit of a freaky dream, though. Did Taft make it through your doorway? Was he as fat as you thought he would be?

  21. First - when I read the beginning of your post, I read, "Friends, Crustaceans.....". Yeah. I did. I started to laugh and then realized it.

    Applause for using this week's centus to remind potential putzes everywhere that Tuesday's coming.

    And - "Vote! Defeat the right-wing nutjobs, corporate stooges and "Party of No" obstructionists!" - I knew you were a great guy, through and through!!

  22. dude, what you been smoking? Deep? Maybe not, clever - Yes! I already voted by the way!

  23. Tom.

    This is some of your best work, and that is saying a mouthful! I can see all those past Presidents at your door, spilling out into the yard.

    Thanks for this wonderfully humorous reminder..........cj


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