Sunday, June 6, 2010

That's Love "Bloggy Style," With A "BL"

My bloggy life is in a shambles.  I can't seem to post as often as I would like to and I feel as if my mind has been sucked dry (and not in a good way.) Things have changed for me recently and I’ve been really remiss about reading blogs, following blogs, commenting on blogs…in fact all things blog, so if I have missed you I am sorry and hopefully it's only a temporary situation until I get my shit stuff together. You see, at 47 years of age I have gone back to college to finish my degree and am just getting used to the drudgery of the assigned readings, homework assignments and term papers required of me.

“But Tom,” I hear you say, “what could there be that you don’t already know?”  That's a fair question.

Well, I’ll tell you. There’s plenty I don’t know. And rather than continuing to bullshit my way through life (not that that is a bad thing) I decided to finish college so I could cross it off my bucket list and hopefully someday prove to be a useful member of society instead of simply a burden. We can dream!

In this quiet interim between assignments, while my mind is temporarily available for bloggy thingamajigs, I wanted to acknowledge some awards recently conferred upon yours truly and pass them onto some very deserving blogger faves of my own.

Firstly, I wanted to thank the Unfinished Rambler of “An Unfinished Person (in this unfinished universe)” for bestowing upon me the coveted Sunshine Award! He is one of the funniest bloggers around and if you are ever in need of some cheering up, the solution is just a click away!  Check him out if you haven't already.

While one might assume that this award was intended for bright, sunny or shiny people as I did, that simply is not the case. Rather “the Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world.” I’m rather afraid to ask what it is I inspire (Dry heaving? Teeth clenching? Painful rectal itching?), so I will leave it to you to decide.

As awards usually do, this one comes with a bevy of rules which I am obliged to follow, including:

1. Post a link on your blog to the person’s blog who gave you the award. Okay will do.
2. Pass the award on to 12 other bloggers. Seriously? Twelve? That’s a lot of peeps!
3. Put a link on your blog to all the recipients blogs. Ugh! Sounds like work to me.
4. Leave a comment on the 12 blogs and inform them of the award. I can do this.
5. Place the award on your blog. Lucky for me there’s always room for awards!

The hardest part of getting awards is deciding upon whom to give them to, but thanks to minutes of weary analysis, supplemented by the wise and mysterious Magic 8 Ball, I have chosen the following as worthy recipients of this award because they inspire me and more than fit the criteria for this award. Please check out their blogs and see for yourself!

My twelve picks are injaynesworld, The Blog O’Cheese, Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Coolness, NOT WORTH MENTIONING, The Non-Review, Experiments in Authenticity, Quirkyloon, The Good Girls, Becky*Povich*Writer-Humorist*Bliss Follower, The World According To Donut Girl and Naked Cupcakes.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Ms. Anthropy for my second award, the Versatile Blogger Award. If you haven’t had the pleasure or reading her, she is a beloved blogger and a wonderful writer with a great sense of humor! Please do yourself a favor and swing by and check her out at Ms. Anthropy…Sarcastic Granny.

This award is said to recognize bloggers who have special mutant powers  think George W. Bush was underrated  have been abducted by aliens are amazingly talented writers with God-like qualities who raise the bar where blogging is concerned. Or something like that. There may even be a parade, I dunno. (I tend to doubt it, though.)

The rules of this award are that I have to tell you seven things about myself that you don’t know and then I have to send this award to 15 bloggers. Not bloody likely! That seems like a lot, but I will try and see what I can do.

1. Someday I hope to move to somewhere along the Oregon coastline. (I’ll never pump my own gas again!)
2. I have a large collection of stuffed beagles and beagle paraphernalia. (Oh, like you don’t?)
3. I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, I enjoy The Office, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory and most anything on MSNBC. (Sorry Fox News. I get my fantasy from movies.)
4. I collect comic books. There, I said it! (Use comment section below for snarky remarks)
5. Pets dressed in high-fashion clothes, especially high heels or kicky boots, make me want to hurl. (You listening, Paris?)
6. I am one of the least obsessive people I know. (Crazy people make me feel less weird.)
7. I briefly sold new and used cars for a living. (Everything you’ve heard - i.e. drugs, sex, cannibalism -  is all true.)

I would like to pass this award on to some of my favorite bloggers, so they in turn can pay it forward to their own favorites. My blog picks for receiving this award are:

Hollywood Spy, nonamedufus, I Think It’s Interesting, Pearl, Why You Little …, Confessions of a Reforming Geek, How To Become A Cat Lady…Without The Cats, Sagittiferously Yours, Scrappin’ My Bliss, Adventures of a Middle-Aged Drama Queen, Knucklehead!, Car Dancing, Here Is What I Think, Shink-wrapped Scream, I Shoulda Been A Stripper and Hillbilly Duhn’s Times & Tribulations.

If you are not familiar with any of these blogs, I highly recommend you follow the links to their pages and read and follow them. If you don’t, I might just have to send you another award, and nobody wants that. Check ‘em out! Go on now, before I set the puppy after you and let him lick your faces.

Okay, right...did I mention he is a giant mutant puppy with a razor sharp tongue and that his saliva will burn you like acid?  Yeah...that's the ticket. 

Leave the giant panda bear alone, Whiskers!


  1. You collect COMIC BOOKS at 47? Bwaahahaha. ;)
    Okay, just kidding. They're probably smarter investments than what most of us -- meaning me -- make.

    I've only heard of a handful of the bloggers you mentioned, so it looks like I'm going to have some reading to do this afternoon. Thanks a, really, thanks a lot. I do appreciate it <-- like a hole in the head. :)

  2. Whoa! That'll teach me to wander aimlessly across the internet on a Sunday afternoon. The Versatile Blogger Award? Well, yeah, I guess I thought George Bush was an idiot. And I don't have any powers but people have called me mutant...and worse. So I guess I qualify for this damn, er, ah, delightful award. So thanks my friend. I'll think of you for some time to come (I best not say anything out loud) for bestowing this prize upon me.

  3. School, huh? Can't begin to tell you how much I admire that, and that dog is awesome!!!

  4. I wanted to see what you had for Sara (Good Girls). If anyone deserves an award, she does!

    Then I started reading your stuff. Then I laughed my ass off (no great loss!) and spewed coffee out my nose. One might say that I am easily amused, but the fact is that you are a very funny guy! I'll be back.

  5. Thanks alot of the award. I can't tell you how good it feels to be appreciated and recognized. You also sent me on a journey to discover some new blogs so its all a win for me today.

  6. Why, Tom Goette, I do declare. You certainly do make a girl's head spin! What a truly prestigious award to bestow upon me!!...The Sunshine Award, hmmm? I must say, this is my first blog award (and hopefully the last!) Ooops, did that just slip out of my little ol' mouth?! Seriously...thanks so much! I LOVE your blog! You ARE heeeee-larry-us!!!

  7. P.S. Is that really your dog?? He's adorable!!

  8. So many Blogs, so many Awards, so little time.

    You go get that Degree of yours and then come back here and give us 'What For'!

  9. Thanks so much, kind sir.

    I think it's fabulous that you've gone back to college. At 53, after my TV writing career had run its course, I went back to school and got my paralegal degree. It's quite a challenge hitting those books again. Good for you!

  10. Congratulations and celebrations (can't you just hear Cliff Richards tooting away?) for the awards. I've said it before and I say it again: you deserve all of them and then some.
    And thank you, Kind Sir, for mine! :)

    Razor sharp tongue and acid saliva, eh? With that cute face he is bound to become spoiled rotten and the tongoue and saliva will be the least of your worries..... :D

  11. Congrats first on returning to college :), and then on all the awards, you looked smashing at the red carpet :)

    Thanks for bestowing an award to me as well, I shall immediately put it over in my award shelf in my sidebar for everyone to see it and get envious :PPP

  12. You just make me laugh! And how did ya know I have stuffed beagle collection? That was my favorite line. That is really neat about going back to school. Knowledge and curiousity are really the secrets to perpetual youth!

  13. I think it's awesome that you are going back to college! I have been taking a couple of adult ed courses since I retired, and was thinking of taking some writing courses (It's free at the University if you are 65.) I have a degree in English and Business Ed, but the campus I went to way back when didn't offer much in the way of writing that I could fit in the rest of my schedule. Congrats on the awards.

  14. Congrats on the new blog bling and thanks for the new blogs to check out!

    Oh, my, my.

    Thank you for me with such an honor! ;-)

    That is such a CUTE puppy! Are you sure I can't have that? Cat would love a playmate.

  15. Thanks man, I really appreciate the award. I'm also having trouble finding the time to blog right now. I wish it was because of something as cool as going back to get a degree. That's pretty awesome and the best reason I've heard for neglecting the old blog and chain.

  16. Congrats on your return to college. Gooooo Tom! Really that's terrif.

    And a couple of noteworthy words: "blog thingamajigs" and "painful rectal itching."

    I'm not sure which one I liked better.

    Excuse me I've got an itch.

    Woops! TMI?


  17. thanks for the award (and the magic 8 ball) and i will check those blogs out (but there are so may take a while).

    have fun at the school. don't forget to take an apple with you for the teacher. (do they still do that?)

  18. What? The puppy doesn't come with the award? Hickory the Wonder Dog was getting all excited about a new playmate!

  19. Good for you getting your degree!!

    Now, had over the puppy and nobody gets hurt.

  20. Oh my gosh, what to say? (Cue tears) I'd like to thank my mum and dad, well okay, they're dead now, but it's the thought that counts, surely? I also want to say, without the tepid support of my dog, cigarettes and all those buckets of wine, I would never be standing here today, accepting such a prestigious, enriching award. (I mean, it does come with CASH, yeah?)

    Cheers Tgoette, I owe you one - and, rest assured, I ALWAYS make a point of paying folk back (evil grin)..

    College? I really admire you, it's a big commitment, and pretty daunting if you've been out of the school system for a while (nervous twitch). I'm rootin' for ya', hope it's going well!

  21. Aw! That's the cutest puppy ever.
    Ugh, assigned readings, homework assignments and term papers... I hear ya.

    Thank you so much for the award!!!!
    Have a happy Monday.

  22. Thanks for the recognition, Tom! I'll put this one on my blogshelf with the rest of the awards.

  23. Congrats to you on going back to school!! You're never too old to learn. :)

    Adorable pic of your pup!

  24. I'm going to visit the other blogs, but I still want to get licked in the face by that adorable little puppy. Is he yours?

    Congrats on the awards and thanks for the links to some more great blogs. (I'm always looking for good (new to me) blogs).

  25. Thank you, Tom, for the mention! Have been feeling down lately and this helped. :-)


  26. Awesome! Thank you so much! There's no way I can pass this on to 12 other bloggers... but I'll see what I can do. :-) (PS - rectal itching. LOL)

  27. Congrats on going back to school, sir! And thanks so much for the award!

  28. Awesome stuff !!!!!!! I wanna do it bloggystyle

    Mr Monkey


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