Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Homecoming - A Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock

Have you filled out your Saturday Centus? 

If you don’t want Jenny knocking on your door, you better get on it!
You only have one week to give up your 100 word literary creations.  If you don’t, well, you might just set off a chain reaction of such cataclysmic proportions that all life on Earth will cease to exist.

Okay, true, it might not happen, but are you willing to take the risk? Tough decision…don’t write one and possibly kill every life form, including puppies and kitties and big cuddly belephants (baby elephants), or submit one and be the hero that quite possibly saved the entire human race.  You could be famous!  You might even get your picture on a lunch box!

Ah, there you go….I knew that was too tempting to resist!

For those of you new to Saturday Centus, and therefore completely baffled at what I am rambling on about, it is a themed writing meme hosted by Jenny Matlock at her blog, Jenny Matlock on my tangent.... Every Saturday she posts a "prompt," a phrase that must be used in the essays of each contributor.

Each story must contain the prompt as written and be a total of 100 words or less, not including the prompt words. After posting their stories, the writers link up with Jenny's Saturday Centus meme post so that we can all share our treatment on the prompt.

Here is this week’s challenging prompt, finely scripted by the illustrious, Mr. Jenny:

It’s true, the smell of freshly mowed grass can stay with you for years, for decades,

Here is my take on this week’s prompt.  I’m calling it:

A Homecoming

It had been years since Bryan, Lissa and I had been back home to Manteca again.

Memories of soccer and T-ball games, picnics and walks with the beagles flooded back as we strolled the verdant fields and shady pines of Northgate Park, the scene of so much joy growing up.

We laughed and told stories from their childhood and reminisced about the good times here as the gentle Delta breezes carried their funky payload.

It’s true, the smell of freshly mowed grass can stay with you for years, for decades, but so too could the smell of their mother’s awful cooking. 

“Come on, guys.  Let’s go to Taco Bell.” 

Just like it was yesterday.

Jenny Matlock

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  1. Ha! There is a theme of junk food in your writings! :) Loved it!


  2. wasn't expecting that! Wearing a huge smile right now! That was fun!

  3. It was as if I was caught up in the scene of a movie.....right down to the 'funky payload" (brilliant, btw!)...and then you zinged me.

    Soooooooooo funny!

  4. Love this one. I am not tempted to join in the fun however. You all put me to shame.

    You have been tagged over at Butts and Ashes,Tom!

  5. heehee. (I AM that Taco Bell mom!)

    Love it.


  6. Ok, you got me! Just strolling along, caught up in happy childhood memories, then "bazinga" (as my favorite tv character would say) Fantastic twist on the prompt! Kathy

  7. Love the funny twist at the end! Didn't see that coming!

  8. Like everyone else, I didn't see that coming! Great job with the curveball.

  9. This was just too funny. All warm and fuzzy and then bam. I loved it.

    I also liked your introduction to Saturday Centus about Jenny coming to our house lol.

  10. Great one. Taco Bell is nice twist to a homecoming where one expects a homecooked meal!

  11. Ha! Good one Tom...but Taco Bell??

  12. Fun story!
    Thanks for saving the world for us all :-)

  13. Loved it - especially the Taco Bell. Made it more real for me.

    BTW, hilarious Stewart quote of the day.

  14. Unexpected ending makes it fun. I'm too lazy to do this...maybe someday. :)

  15. That was great, as usual. Now I'm getting the evening munchies.

    Cut grass = summer = dog poop!


  16. You are very good at these, Mister!

  17. Very good - great ending, wasn't expecting that!

  18. Hahaha, that's brilliant, very funny!

  19. You managed to twist it completely at the end... again! Can't wait for more. :)

  20. Well written Tom...down to the smell comparison's of cooking. It's sad when Taco Bell wins out over home cookin...:-) Peace and blessings

  21. I love reading these things! Every story is different - and it's amazing what people come up with. Love it!

  22. lol makes me wonder what food the mother used to cook. we always think our moms are automactically great cooks dont we!

    Thanks for stopping by my SC :)

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack
    Game FreakZ

  23. I have an award for you and there's no rules attached--The Good Girls

  24. Great.

    Now I want Taco Bell.

    But NOT the diarrhea.

    What's a girl to do?

  25. LOL..I liked this one. So totally unexpected.

  26. I can't smell grass anymore because I live in the desert. We have very low humidity, so the only thing we can smell is citrus blossoms in the early spring. We can, however, smell javalina. They smell pretty bad!

  27. Tom, after that lead in I'd be totally afraid to not post!

    I love this.

    I was there. I could see it. I could smell taco bell.

    Evocative, tight writing.

  28. Great stuff. Unexpected, and fun. Well done!


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