Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Female Celebrity Cheaters And Golddiggers

Golddiggers?  No, not us!  We married them because they are soooo good looking!

My last post regarding male celebrities cheating on their wives apparently struck a chord based upon the large number of comments and e-mails I received and continue to receive on the subject.  Quite a lot of women wrote me about this post, upset that these men had displayed such appalling behavior with their call girls tramps mistresses rather than use their celebrity status to advance more positive causes.  I guess it just shows that not everyone can be counted on to be a role model.  Your great comments and opinions show some very strong feelings about this issue so I wanted to further expound upon some of the points you made.

Many of you mentioned that women were equally guilty of cheating, as if I was letting the lady celebs off the hook.  Not so.  I could have mentioned the ladies, but then I would have had to change the title and the post would have been really long!   I, of course, recognize that male celebrities don’t have a corner on the market where cheating is concerned   There are plenty of female celebrities that have the same skewed view of morality as their male counterparts.  Though, I can’t recall ever hearing of one in “sex rehab.”  Curious.

For example, there’s Madonna, whose affair with A-Rod led to his wife filing for divorce.  Then there’s also Claire Danes who broke up the relationship of Billy Crudup and his 7 months pregnant girlfriend Mary Louise Parker before eventually cheating on him with Hugh Dancy.  LeAnn Rimes cheated on her husband and broke up the 8-year marriage (which included two small children) of her current boyfriend, Eddie Cibrian.   And finally Sienna Miller’s highly-publicized affair with actor and married father of four, Balthazar Getty, ruined his marriage before ending shortly afterwards.

One fine point that was brought up by Marla was that the mistresses who knowingly had affairs with these married men did so seemingly without any conscience about what they were doing.   “When will women stop hurting other women?  It makes me crazy when I see these female dirtbags crying on TV about how Tiger used them.  PLEASE!,” she writes.  And why are they so eager to hop in the sack with a celebrity?  Well, I’m thinking money has a lot to do with it!  These ladies (if I can use the term so loosely) in many cases are getting much more than the excitement of a fling with a well-known celebrity. 

Many of the women involved in these affairs have profited directly with money and lavish gifts, or indirectly through high-dollar deals for exclusive interviews with magazines and other media sources.  Some are even looking at potential television shows and book deals.  That’s right, we are rewarding their disgusting behavior by making them famous in their own right.  Shades of Monica Lewinsky, eh?

Two of the most recent mistresses have parlayed their notoriety into landing a new reality TV series where they expose cheating celebrities!  Yes, Michelle “Bombshell” McGhee, the stripper//tattooed freak show model who cheated with  Sandra Bullock’s husband and Jamie Junger, the model/unbelievable media whore   stripper who was one of Tiger Wood’s mistresses, are set to co-host the show.  Incidentally, Jamie recently won $75,000 in the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant on the Howard Stern Show where she shared details of Tiger’s penis size and other such things.  In related news, Rachel Uchitel, a celebrity whore night club hostess and the first of Tiger’s many mistresses, is pitching a reality show of her own, “Romancing Rachel,” and is currently in training for a spot on “Dancing with the Stars.” 

I’m sure Sandra and Elin Woods are just so elated that they could help these women in their new careers!

Also, several of my readers viewed the diagnosis of “sex addiction” with more than a bit of skepticism with regard to these celebrities.  And while I am inclined to agree, I do recognize that many psychiatric professionals consider it to be a real condition affecting both men and women, complete with 12-step self-help groups such as Sex Addicts Anonymous, Sexaholics Anonymous, Sexual Compulsives Anonymous and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, all loosely based upon Alcoholics Anonymous.
My point, and of course it was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, was that celebrities are more than just the people we see on television.  For all their talent and skill, they are also people with valuable reputations which their highly-paid publicists and representatives work tirelessly to keep unsullied so that the endorsements, commercials and other lucrative offers don’t dry up.  Which is why it’s just so enormously convenient that whenever one of these male celebrities, and I am only speaking of that very specific group and not the general population, gets caught cheating, the spin doctors in their employ diagnose “sex addiction” to explain their client’s lapse in moral judgment and drop them in “sex rehab” to give their claim some credibility.

Tiger Woods?  Sure, I guess it’s possible he’s a sick man who earnestly wants to be “cured” and live a normal life with his wife and children, unfettered by the temptations of an immoral society.   But like so much in the media these days, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether there’s any truth to it.   While I have no psychiatric training or experience to speak of, it just seems more likely that he is what we laymen refer to as an asshole.

And finally, I want to respond to those that say that not all people who cheat on their spouses do so out of disrespect or hatred for their them or to fulfill some sexual need that their partner is unable or unwilling to provide.  I believe that's very true too.  As Ed pointed out, “nobody really knows what really happened in these relationships but the couple themselves, nor why one person chose to cheat.”   Life is neither black nor white, but instead shades of grey.  It may just be that some people have the capacity to love more than one person at a time (as polygamists claim to do) and that attempting to do so comes into conflict with society’s accepted principles of behavior.   Being torn between making a choice which would devastate both parties in a relationship or having an illicit affair where everyone is happy (even blindly so), I can see where one might lean in that direction.  If that makes me a hypocrite, then so be it.  

In a world where the only constant is change, and where our society has gradually evolved to accept monumental shifts regarding civil rights for gays, women and minorities and continually stretches the limits of what is viewed as tolerable, is it really too far-fetched to imagine a day when people finally throw off the shackles of convention and religious doctrine and follow their hearts instead of outdated social mores?  Could there be a time when our private lives and sex lives will be our own and not subject to public scrutiny?

And more importantly, what effect will it have on golddigging celebrity whores? 



  1. Oh, that last photo is priceless! This is both a well-balanced and well-written piece, but I think there is also another consideration why some couples stay together, yet have affairs. Very often couples stay together for purely financial reasons, and the higher the stakes (as in with the income of a celeb) one partner may prefer to turn a blind eye to infidelity, than than to risk the possible financial ruin of a divorce.

  2. I have as much respect for gold-diggers as I do for cheating assholio men....which is to say, none.

    As for polygamy...don't even get me started on that one. Why is it always one man to several women that we see? Maybe it exists, but I have yet to see one woman with several husbands. (Not that I would want is about as much as I can handle...*smirk*) In any case, it reeks. So there.

    Love your articles. Well presented!

  3. I used to like Claire Daines. I had no idea she had done that.

    I wonder if my wife is a gold digger? After all, I do bring in nearly $33,000 a year teaching school.

  4. It takes two people to have an affair. A person can't do it alone. I have no respect for either.

  5. that's why i'm not in movie business. the media will have a field day everyday! (i wish)

    i think we shouldn't pay much attention to their private lives or the products they market. but that would require too much common sense.

  6. In every case mentioned, the cheatee knew the cheater was married. No sympathy for either side, here!

  7. As far as polygamy goes...

    Apparently the women in the relationship don't have a problem with it. So, who's the one to be judged? The man, or the women?

  8. Yeah, both parties are breaking the marriage vows, whomever took those vows. I agree with all of this, except the 2 option aspect. There's more than 2 options, at least in this country (e.g., couples counseling, separation and divorce). Unless the couple has an explicit agreement to an open marriage, there's no morally sound rationale for being an asshole. Just my humble opinion. xoRobyn

  9. LOL the rich guy pic is great! Yes, the "other women" are awful. It disgusts me how they seem to have no shame. It's a horrible thing to be in an affair, but to flaunt it is even worse.

  10. Thanks all for your comments. So nice to climb aboard the derision train, but especially so when it's celebrities who are in the public eye and therefore SHOULD KNOW BETTER! Damn, that felt good!

    @ Shrinky - Very true! No doubt there's more than a few loveless marriages around where the partner stays together with the cheating spouse because the money is too good to pass up!

    @ Marlene - Gold-diggers and cheaters are a lot alike, both are insincere in order to feed their lust, whether it's passion or money (or both!)

    @ Cheeseboy - Yes, the Claire Danes affair surprised me too. But then I find all blondes to be necessarily angelic and beyond reproach. As for your wife, the answer is "DEFINITELY!"

    @ Ms. Anthropy - You are right, it takes two to tango, and in this case both dancers suck like Kate Gosselin.

    @ Sarah - I agree that paying them attention and buying the products they endorse is a bad way to show our contempt for their actions, but I think we've been conditioned by the media to enjoy the lurid details about their scandals.

    @ Eva - You are right about that. Sadly no one was deceived except the spouse. How could anyone not know Tiger was married, for example? No one could be that ignorant, even porn stars.

    @ Blasé - Polygamy is actually either legal or tolerated in many countries in the world and particularly within the Muslim religion. Where there is a bad ratio of men to women it seems to work well with no problems. I think it's just the fundamentalist types that have such an objection to it. Oh, and it works both ways too...women with many chew on that ladies!

    @ Robyn - I agree wholeheartedly with you. There is no morally sound rationale for being an asshole. I am not condoning this behavior, but I can understand why some might go there, vows or not. But you are right, if you need to cheat, then get a divorce first and save yourself the stigma of being an asshole cheater.

    @ Mrs. D - I love that rich guy pic too! Sadly it's the case in the majority of cases like the one pictured. Oh well! As for the "other women," I think it's a source of pride for a lot of them as to how many lives they can ruin in their quest for riches and fame. Shameful.

  11. Polygamy? Jeez, for most of my single life I dealt with zero-igamy. Just me and my sock. Maybe if I was raised in utah things would've worked out differently.

  12. I totally saw those reality tv shows coming. They make reality tv shows out of anything and I hate those shows to death.

    Let people live their damn lives, if celebs want to cheat then so be it but let it be private, the whole world doesn't need to know about it (not talking about your post, talking about news media)

    There was an episode of South Park where Kyle and Butters were in sex addicted anonymous.

  13. I don't think I could marry a fugly dude for money. I'd have to like him for more than his bank account. Instead I married a poor cutie :)

  14. It's been said that the only faithful men are those without options.

    My wife and I are relativesly safe. Like Cheeseboy, I'm a teacher with a salary that allows me no options and the assurance that my wife cannot be a gold digger.

  15. Glad to join your following of Sophisticated Lunatics... Although, I'm not certain if I qualify for the "sophisticated" part... :P

  16. LeeAnn Rimes was cheating on her husband too wasn't she? Now you need a post about celebrity wives who cheat on their husbands!

    Kevin Smith had the greatest quote in the world.... He said 'Men, don't cheat on your wife.... If you want to have sex with something else, get a fleshlight.... Your wife won't get mad,and if you let her watch, she'll be infinitely amused.'

  17. Deep thoughts, Mr. Goette.

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