Friday, April 23, 2010

Cheating On Your Wife: A New Celebrity Pastime

The celebrity magazines and supermarket tabloids are definitely all abuzz with the latest sleazy escapades of the rich and famous. Larry King cheating on his wife with her younger sister…Steven Seagal is being sued for sexual harassment and keeping sex slaves…Big Ben Roethlisberger accused of sexual assault of a college girl…I guess boys will be boys, right?

The regular Celebrity Corner post is going to be a bit different this week. All of us have been reading or seeing stories in the media lately about all the cheating going on and I have to say it’s just taken on a life of it’s own, this adulterous behavior, and so I wanted to address it and get your thoughts on the matter.

Show of hands, how many of you think cheating on your spouse or loved one is just fine and certainly warranted in most situations? One, two, three, four….wow, you guys are really open-minded about this! And how about the ladies? Anyone? No? Hmmm. I’m sensing a pattern here.

Seriously, there is some kind of mental meltdown going on and it’s really blowing my mind. Does it seem like guys in the celebrity world are just getting creepier and cheating a whole lot more on their women lately? What the hell? What is this all about? Is there some type of cosmic radiation that’s affecting the brain chemistry of certain male politicians, athletes and celebrity types? Are we ready yet to finally proclaim that 2010 is officially the Year of the Douche Tiger?

Yes, Tiger Woods is a giant douche for cheating so elaborately on his wife, Elin, but he has an excuse. He has a sex addiction. Oh please! That’s like saying fat people have a cheesecake addiction. It’s just a little too convenient. Instead of copping to the fact that they are just horny men who saw a chance to get some extramarital whoopee and went for it, they try to salvage their valuable reputations by claiming some trumped up affliction and checking themselves into sex rehab in order to get public sympathy and defer scorn and anger away from them. Get real! If sex addiction was a real condition, then wouldn’t Hollywood want to host a telethon and get poor, sick Jesse James, Charlie Sheen, David Duchovny and Eric Benet to join Tiger onstage and beg for funding to find a cure? Especially if the cure involved strippers, hostesses, models and escorts?

Experts will tell you there are a lot of reasons why people cheat. They point to things like ego-embellishment, peer pressure, the idea that they can get away with it, a sense of entitlement, opportunistic sex and a general desire to satisfy their craving or curiosity for different sex. While all those are most certainly true, there’s an underlying reason we can’t dismiss as well. They are assholes.

One thing that surprises people is when a celebrity cheats with someone who is less attractive than that person’s spouse, as if their looks were the problem. That is not necessarily so. Even beautiful people get cheated on. I know guys are shaking their heads wondering why anyone in their right mind would cheat on the likes of Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Christie Brinkley, Sandra Bullock, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Uma Thurman, Sienna Miller, Elizabeth Hurley, Scarlett Johannsen, Denise Richards and many others. But beauty is not a defense against cheating, as these women can tell you. The bottom line is that certain guys, particularly those with money to burn like celebrities do, do not have enough respect for their wives or girlfriends to avoid the temptation to cheat on them. Put them in a room with a stripper or an “escort” and watch those marriage vows fly out the window!

Unfortunately it’s going to take a lot more tragedies like the death of retired Baltimore Ravens quarterback Steve McNair and the maiming of John Bobbitt before some guys get the message that, besides being morally wrong and a heinous slap in the face of your spouse or girlfriend, plus the possible loss of millions of dollars in endorsement deals, cancelled television shows and so forth, that cheaters never win.

Karma has a means of getting its vengeance on you in ways you can’t imagine.  And Tiger, man, I would hate to be you right now.



  1. Yes karma's definitely a bitch.

  2. this is hilarious...and so true. why is it that celeb men are always the ones cheating? you've got it with the lack of respect thing.

  3. You said it quite eloquently. They are assholes.
    I am not a man so I cannot see it clearly from that perspective. I am a woman, however. When will women stop hurting other women? It makes me crazy when I see these female dirtbags crying on tv about how Tiger used them. PLEASE!!!!!!

  4. Great post, Tom. I too love the asshole line. That is the bottom (no pun intended) line, afterall. It's nice to know there's a man of integrity out there (I'm talking about Obama. Oh, and definitely you too!)

  5. Assholes, indeed. Where are all the male commenters?

  6. Male commenter here. I agree with everything Tom just said.

  7. How can anyone in the public eye ever dream they will get away with it? They are not just assholes, they are stupid assholes! In fairness, cheating isn't limited only to males. When my neighbours husband ran off with his receptionist, his wife called the homewrecking bitch (her words, not mine) every scummy low-life name under the sun to all who would listen. One year down the line, she's having a rampant affair herself with a married guy - WTF??

  8. Look, I am not gonna say cheating is right. And I'm not here to defend guys who do.

    I'm just gonna say two things. First, nobody really knows what really happened in these relationships but the couple themselves, nor why one person chose to cheat.

    Secondly, there are millions of women who cheat, just as there are millions of men who would never consider the idea.

  9. Oh, yeah! Great post! Do you think it's true that cheaters never prosper? I hope not.

  10. I think there's some of the more impressionable the audience the more impressive you seem syndrome going on with people who cheat with partners that are less classically attractive and successful than their spouses too.

  11. They should all have douche exorcisms.

  12. I think men cheat when they realize that when a woman says "I DO" she's actually saying, "Huh..I guess I don't have to any more."

    Cheating is easier than hookers because you never see "21 people arrested in marriage cheating sting."

    The more you know.

  13. Interesting post, Tom!

    Cheating is not a new's fascination and unbridled hunger for scandal is the fuel here.

    If people stopped buying tabloids or started turning off the "gossip" news, the media outlets would have to seek material elsewhere.

    Men--and women---cheat, and the great majority are not in the public eye.

    Cheating, to be sure, is a betrayal, it is sad, it is terribly hurtful to the cheated person and often to the family members.

    Yet there is also a tidal wave of hyposcrisy in our culture as well, with so-called family-values politicians and "religious" people behaving inappropriately, which creates a climate of uncaring and of instant gratification.

    Most cheaters are villified in the media and themselves beat their breast sanctimoniously...but how many of their careers have truly been destroyed? Not many, as I can count. Publicity is always welcome, and many folks have short memories. Sadly, this might just be the year of the Tiger.

  14. cheating...a touchy subject, Y? I am married and I am going thru some trying times but its not cheating....I just don't know how i could deal if ma hubby did a thing. I don't know if i could work with that. I never been cheated on (that i know of) and I don't know the feeling so I couldn't say how I could respond to that (hopefully not too insane) Be Blessed! New follower, come on by and say hello! *smile*

  15. Actually this post makes me sad.

    It's like things like this are a badge of honor ... how horrible for everyone involved.

    I want to say something smart and clever here but I'm just stuck on what horrible moral examples these "celebrities" set each and every time their actions pollute our eyes and ears.

    What happened to "class act" being something to live up to.

    Great post as always.

    Just a sad subject.

  16. Good stuff. I couldn't of said it better myself...well maybe I could of but that's not the point.

    I see a crappy reality tv show coming out of all this adultery.

    Just The Cheese

  17. Well, uh, I DO have a cheesecake addiction. You mean there's no treatment for that? Oh YAY! You are right on in this post and what could I possibly add except too bad these guys aren't reading YOU!

  18. Great post!! You are so right! My husband likes to say "Every dog has his day"

  19. the new fad is 'sex addiction' so they can go to rehab and 'cure' that. yeah, right.

  20. Oh no! Powdered Toast Man may just be the voice of prophecy....can you imagine the reality show?? Wife Swap for REAL. (lmao) Springer does casting, Oprah will handle the "exit interviews" and the viewers get to vote on who is a better liar. Season opener: Tramp vs Trophie Wife."

    Lesson for life: You really do reap what you sow. Don't f*** the karma dog.


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