Thursday, September 3, 2009

Smiling Dogs and Random Musings

9/11 Date - Was It Random Or Not?

The anniversary of the September 11thattack is just days away and in addition to the anguish and pain many of us are forced to relive on this somber occasion (punctuated by hours of television retrospectives and talk show banter) it occurred to me that maybe there might have been more than just a coincidence that the date chosen was also the same three numbers, 9 – 1 – 1, that we use to dial in the case of an emergency. Could it be that there was some marketing guidance in the choice of the date? Did someone consult an expert and discover that the best way to keep the fear of that terrible day ever-present would be to associate it with a number we are all taught as small children to turn to when dire circumstances present themselves? Is it strange that a series of numbers that prior to that day were associated with police, fire and medical emergencies is so quickly transformed into an icon of terrorism and fear? I don’t know if terrorists have publicists or whatever, but if so, they did one hell of a job.

Smiling Dogs Smell Yo' Fries

My dog Ringo is the happiest dog of all. With lots of sunshine, good food, plenty of water, tons of love and attention, cozy places to snooze, more toys than most toddlers and a trusty sidekick to wrestle with, he might be the most spoiled non-pedigreed dog around.

He (and his brother Rufus) are the canine loves of my life and I find so much peace and joy in sharing it with them. I was told that Ringo is part Chihuahua, part Beagle and part Rat Terrier, but to me and my wife, he is all cuddle-dog. His weapon of choice is his patented love-flop where he throws his body on you in such a way that his head is resting on your chest, his soft, chestnut-colored eyes gazing placidly at yours, as he snuggles ever-closer to you. Ahh, sweet contentment...thy name is Ringo.

Rufus, His brother-by-another-mother, is another amazing cuddle-dog in his own right and has an uncanny ability to lick you in the mouth (yes, I said IN) with his lightning quick tongue. He also loves to climb up on you and do the doggy version of hugging and kissing. He is decidedly more a mommy's dog so attends to my wife wherever she goes. He is very loving and very expressive and will sometimes sing when the mood strikes him. Together with Ringo they are a cuddle tag team that can't be stopped! Yes, so intruder beware!

The smaller of the two dogs, Rufus is a mix of Chihuahua and West Highland Terrier, but his size in no way prevents him from laying the occasional smack-down on Ringo. Even so, Ringo has an interesting spinning butt-kick that he employs quite effectively when the wrestling reaches a fever pitch. Rufus is getting quite adept of ducking out of the way of it most times, but when it lands it is a most potent weapon.

Both of the dogs love to lie beside us in bed and sit (or sprawl, as the case may be) on our laps as we watch TV. They follow us from room to room and outside to the backyard. I know many will roll your eyes at this, but it's true. They watch with extreme interest whenever we eat because they know my wife and I are a soft touch for those sad, puppy dog eyes and that a portion of our food is always reserved for them. People food? Perish the thought you say? Well, granted in time it may shorten their lives, but I like to think they are happier with lasagna than some combination of ill-smelling swill with "meat by-products" from who knows what. And besides, they don't get a lot of table scraps, they do have regular dry and wet dog food as well to round out their diets. At any rate, they aren't complaining.

Our boys live for treats, which we generously dole out throughout the day. I know some people may have issues with how we let our dogs behave and the freedoms they enjoy, but to us they are a close part of the family that we love like our children. It’s an understanding that other dog people share. Who wouldn’t love an animal that has such an amazing capacity for caring and giving to his family. We just believe such devotion deserves a reward.

Thank you, Ringo and Rufus. I can only hope that we bring you some of the same happiness and joy that you bring us.

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  1. Ya I don't think it was a coincidence at all. Just good marketing.

    Sweet contentment...thy name is ringo hahaha


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