Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Love In The Stars, A Saturday Centus

I'm back once again to participate in week 171 of Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus, a fun and challenging literary meme that is an exercise in concise writing.   How concise?  How about 102 words plus the 5 words of the supplied prompt.  Now that's concise!

You can visit Jenny's blog, off on my tangent, and share your own 100-word story or poem for the rest of us Centusians to enjoy by clicking on her button below.

This week Jenny is obviously suffering dearly from severe heat exposure, or as it is known in Arizona, being outside.  

(BTW, I'll be moving there in a few weeks...pray for me!)  

She has turned up the volume on this week's Centus to 11 by assigning us Centusians to write using a Romance theme with an oddly paired sci-fi prompt, "Ground control to Major Tom."  

What follows is my belated effort for this week. I have entitled it:

                                 Love In The Stars

Love is everywhere, even 16,000 light years from Earth.  For here among the stars of Omega Centauri aboard Space Station Sentinel One love was found between Salnaura, a Baryakian from the outer-rim planet Ta’aukel, and Maglar, a Delta-6 interstellar cyborg.

“Why do your eyes look so sad, sweet Maglar?”

“I’m leaving for three solar months to survey Ursa Major, Salnaura.” 

 “Are you Sirius?”

“Ha!  I’ll miss your humor, my love.” 

“And I will miss you.”

“Don’t worry; we have the comm-link” 

“Will you sing me to sleep?”

(Singing)  ”Ground control to Major Tom…”

(Cries)  Our song…in…your…memory…banks?”

(Smiles)  “Affirmative.”

Jenny Matlock

"Gravitation is not responsible for people 
falling in love."

- Albert Einstein


  1. Nice!!! Coming from a Fentoozler, I siriusly enjoyed the creative names! :)

  2. Ah yes, you found the perfect words for our Miss Jenny and love in the stars just highlights any good sci-fi romance absolutely! Maybe we should ship Jenny a whole lot of ice! Ha! Ha!

  3. That photo is beyond creepy, but damn it you didn't pull it off again! And the song... LOLLL!!!
    Perfection, Tom. :)


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