Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Psycho's Lament, A Saturday Centus


This is my literary contribution for week 174 of Jenny Matlock’s Saturday Centus. 

That’s right, we’ve had 174 weeks of Saturday Centus so far. 

That’s 174 weekly opportunities Jenny has given us to stretch out our imaginations and write something based upon her supplied prompts.

Like the Energizer Bunny, she keeps going and going and going…

I can never seem to keep up with her and all of her posts, but I definitely appreciate the Saturday Centus meme she does for us each week.  It is that little cherished writing opportunity I have each week (time permitting) where I can indulge in a bit of fun and whimsy and let my freak flag fly.  I am sure I speak for many when I say “Thank You, Jenny.  You have given us all something unique and wonderful to look forward to each Saturday.”

Never one to have us Centusians adhere to a set formula each week, our dear Jenny has once again changed up the rules of the game to challenge us in a brand new way.   Rather than assign us a prompt and have us use it as part of a greater 100-plus word story, Jenny has provided us the one word prompt, “Forbidden,” and directed us to NOT include it in our stories.

Rather we are to write a story that focuses on it, just without actually writing it.  Oh, and we have to do it in EXACTLY 100 words.  Bravo, Ms. Jenny!

You can visit Jenny's blog, off on my tangent, and share your own 100-word story or poem for the rest of us Centusians to enjoy by clicking on her button below.

Here is this week’s 100-word effort.  I have entitled it:

A Psycho’s Lament

“Miss Lohan, it pains me once again to see you in my courtroom facing yet another whole litany of civil disobedience charges.  Since you are a celebrity I am going to release you with just a stern warning.  However, you must abide by strict rules of conduct; otherwise I will have no choice but to place you under house arrest.”

“Oh no, not that!”  (Laughs)

“I’m afraid so.” 

“Can I still defecate in the church fountain?  Barbecue a beagle?  Feed crack to a toddler?” 

“Absolutely not!”

“That’s so unfair!   How will I make headlines, then?”

“Try behaving normally.”

Jenny Matlock

"I don't think people should do anything to be popular. But maybe within reason they can step out of their comfort zones and do things to be more 'accessible'. Like taking drugs or drinking heavily to be cool. "

                                             - Lindsay Lohan



  1. Oh, this is great. I am thinking behaving 'normal' for Ms. Lohan would be quite a stretch!
    Nice writing!

  2. Oh too funny, although I still do remember her from her childhood days, when and before all her today's stuff entered in, and I do hope she finally comes to grips and returns to normal!

  3. Ain't that the truth, ha!! Too funny. Makes you wonder what the heck happens to some people when they get famous. I can't believe when she was young I used to watch her on one of the soap operas I used to watch. How far she has fallen.

  4. Those with money do get away with murder--sometimes literally.
    In defense of Lindsay Lohan, I think she does have actual psychological issues. Plus, she's never murdered anyone. However, the so called "punishments" she's been given are a joke.
    I actually don't think people should be imprisoned for substance abuse. However, anyone who wasn't a celebrity would have been locked up and had the key thrown away.

  5. Hi Tom.
    I'm linking to your blog.
    Hope all's well. =)

  6. Ah.


    Miss Lohan reminds me so much of my wayward youngest daughter.

    It hurts my heart that someone is this broken and still trying to assuage their pain.

    And it saddens me that anyone would continue this life to find the spotlight.

    This was wonderful Tom.

    And sad.

    Don't forget to check the weather reports around here.



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