Thursday, December 23, 2010

It’s Like, Whatever, You Know? A Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock

I’m back again with yet another late contribution to Jenny Matlock’s Saturday Centus!

This is the 33rd week of this fun and challenging writing meme which is lovingly hosted by mentor extraordinaire, Ms. Jenny, at her blog, off on my tangent.  I know what you are thinking: with 33 weeks of practice I should be better at it than I am.  Oh yeah, well maybe you should try it, Mr. Smarty-Pants, and see how well you do! 

Sorry.  I’m suffering from the side effects of sleep deprivation and exhaustive academic pursuits.  Thank goodness I have a short break before I begin my next course! 

Writing a 100-word story, not including the supplied prompt, is a great lesson in choosing your words carefully and trimming the fat off of your writing projects.  These stories force us to reduce our stories to their barest essentials without a lot of the fluff and complicated contrivances typical in the works of many writers.

Personally I prefer the K.I.S.S. method when I write.  That stands for Knowledgeable Indifference to Stylistic Superfluousness.  I’m all about literary unpretentiousness.  It’s how I circumvolve.

It is Christmas this Saturday and my home will be filled once again with laughter and merriment as four generations of family come together to eat excessively, coo over little baby David (whom my wife says in her unbiased grandmotherly way is just the cutest baby in the universe), listen to music, play games, watch movies, drink too much wine and have fun. 

I hope that wherever you are, you make it an enjoyable experience as well, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Christmahanakwanza even.  The point is that in this season of love and brotherhood, we can all pretend to get along for a little while.  Just sayin!

Without further adieu (having nearly exhausted my supply of adieu and seeing only a little bit of sayonara left in the back of the cupboard) I wish to submit my entry joining the rest of our rogue’s gallery of literary baby choppers.  This week’s prompt was a fun one and really made me think.  It made me think, “Hey, people must start drinking earlier in the day in Arizona.”  This week’s prompt is: "What was he thinking? OMG! Elves are soooo 2009..."

Here is my entry for this week.  I have entitled it:

It’s Like, Whatever, You Know?

Sitting at their usual table picking at an extra spicy rainbow roll, Bianca discussed the previous night’s adventure with Jade.

“So, like, I’m there at the club when who do you guess walks in?”

 “Like, oh my God!  Brandon was there?”

“Totally!  We just broke up and he’s already dating again!”

“Seriously?   That’s sooo not cool!”

“Fer shur, right?   So then he sees me and asks me to dance.  As if!”

“OMG, I’m so suuure!” chimed Jade. 

“That’s nothing!  Then he put on an elf hat and tried to burp the song ‘Jingle Bells.’” 

"What was he thinking?  OMG! Elves are soooo 2009."

Jenny Matlock
Don't sweat the petty things.

Don't pet the sweaty things.



  1. Cute! Merry Christmas to you, my friend!

  2. That was like, you know, terrific! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. This was too funny. I loved how you have the lingo down pat LOL. Merry Christmas Tom.

  4. Great stuff Tom. Have a fantastic Christmas.

  5. I think you also exhausted the list of most annoying words from Reader's Digest. Great work imitating teens.

  6. This was hella funny.
    Merry Christmas, Tom. xo

  7. LOL ... perfectly done!
    Hope you have a wonderful fun filled Christmas! :o)

  8. That was, like, totally rad Tom! I have missed the past two weeks, hope I don't get kicked out of the Centusians! I asked for 10 extra hours in the day for my Christmas present, we'll see how that works out. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Kat

  9. Burping JIngle Bells? You are too much! You captured the teenage vernacular to a tee. As usual, great job.

    Merry Christmas..........cj

  10. This is cooool!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
    ... continue with the eating and celebrations :)

  11. Dear Tom,
    You have a flair for talkie-dialog in overheard conversations! Have you worked as a bartender or in some other capacity that gives you permission to eavesdrop?
    I am late in commenting, but I have actually read every single SC-text for week 33. It's Boxing Day and I almost feel relieved that Christmas is behind us. It was not a completely happy one.
    But I hope that you and yours have had and are having a happy one!
    Anna's SC#33

  12. This! This is exactly what I had in my head when I wrote this prompt!


    Your dialogue is so perfect in this Tom. Perhaps you utilized Mr. Franzen's somewhat unique technique while writing this perfect little gem.

    But however you did it, totally wonderfully cool!

    Back to unshoveling here.

    Thanks for linking.

  13. he he ... very festively hilarious :)


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