Saturday, November 5, 2011

Agony Of A Soccer Mom - A Saturday Centus


Jenny Matlock

By now everyone is familiar with Saturday Centus, that 100-word story-writing meme that has everybody talking, right?  Well, we can thank Jenny Matlock, that idol of millions and principal inventor of the blogosphere, for creating this wonderful literary challenge for us each week at her blog off on my tangent.  It is week #79 of this fun meme and time for me to take another shot at micro-fiction writing!  

This week our "Divine Miss M" has given us a photo prompt from which to base our stories or poems.  In the photo are some kids playing soccer and off to the left is seen a house with a window.  Our assignment this week is to write from the perspective of someone at this window.  So my goal is to shoot for scoring a net 100 word story with no penalties by using foul language or going out of bounds with my word count.  You should try it too.  It will be a kick!

Here is the photo.  My 100-word contribution follows below.  I have entitled it:

Agony Of A Soccer Mom

“Wow, what an exciting game! 

Go Duncan, go!  Way to pass that ball! 

C’mon Kenna!  Don’t let them score again! 

Let’s go team!  Let’s show these guys what Matlock’s Hardware Hooligans are made of! 

Hey other team…you guys are losers!  Go cry to your mama, #4!  You stink!

Hey coach, how about giving my daughter Brittany a little more playing time?  Coach???

Hey coach!!!!

I forgot, he can’t hear me from my window.

Damn, I wish they’d let me back on the field again.  My team needs me. 

This restraining order blows.”

Jenny Matlock

"Hell hath no fury like a losing soccer mom." 
                                                                                                - Unknown


  1. He He He. Sadly, this is too true. I've seen it happen. This was a fun take on the prompt. laurie @

  2. Loved this. the only thing worse than a soccer mom is a soccer dad... LOL

  3. I was going to go down that route too! It fits well with the name of the team. I'm sure Jenny will understand! I really enjoyed this one!

  4. I'm surprised she's not banging on the window or using a megaphone! Great take on the prompt, Tom!

  5. Chuckling!
    I wondering how many parents really do need to restrain from the field?

  6. Heh! I'm kind of glad my kid isn't into sports, because there's a good chance I'd be THAT parent.

  7. You are too funny, Tom. Well, actually not. You are just exactly the right amount of funny!


  8. I love it! The restraining order is a great twist! Nicely done.

  9. Hey Tom! It's me, (virgil) I go by my real name now. I'd love for you to check out my new blog, see what you think??:)

  10. I think someone should compose a soccer team of soccer moms and let the kids stand around doing the yelling. Nice twist at end. I like twisted friends. ;)

  11. Tom! I was sitting here on those drizzly cold afternoon, drinking a cup of hot tea, catching up on SC's!



    Now my reading is interrupted because I'm going to have to blow dry my keyboard from spilling my tea on it when I laughed!

    You're a joy!

    This was fabulous!


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