Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Father's Torment, A Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock

For this week, the 133rd week of Jenny Matlock's fun and challenging literary meme Saturday Centus, our beloved memista (probably not a word but it should be) has given us the assignment of writing a story or poem with a maximum of 104 words using the phrase "the pain was excruciating."   I'm still a bit rusty from having been away from writing these short, fun stories for so long, but I decided to give it the old Centusian try anyway.  My contribution this week is entitled:

A Father's Torment

Darkness swept across the night sky on raven’s wings like a murky veil blanketing the landscape.  Chill gusts of wind buffeted Steve’s family home, seeking entry into its warm and cozy confines.  He awoke shivering with cold. Walking down the hallway to adjust the thermostat he suddenly felt such an intense pain seize him that he fell to the ground, fighting to hold back a scream as tears filled his eyes.  The pain was excruciating, a horrible, unimaginable pain that sent shock waves through his body as if he had stepped on a landmine. 

Clutching his foot in agony he bellowed “$@%&# Legos!”

Don't talk to me about pain.
I used to have a foreskin.



  1. Oh, the rogue lego, lurking in wait in the night!

  2. Ahaha great build up! My problem is with straight pins more than anything.

  3. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Welcome back, my friend. You're still in fine form. :)

  4. Tom. Laughing here. I totally did NOT see that ending coming.

    I feel the same way about Barbie shoes!

    Just absolutely wonderful!

    And your are just a nut!


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